MikaelaBeth | 9 DIY Christmas Decorations

9 DIY Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year. Full of celebration and happy times.

Also its a good excuse to have a change and redecorate! personally I love to rearrange furniture and change things around in my house as its a fun way to clean up and declutter without making that the main project which isn’t near so fun.

I’m in the process of getting out my christmas decorations and thinking about making some new ones. Here’s a collection of DIY Christmas decorations that I love.

DIY Christmas Decorations

1. Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights 2. DIY Christmas Crackers 3. Confetti Bursts
4. Petal Drops 5. Christmas Cake Topper 6. Bottle Brush Trees
7. Mini Tree Advent Calendar 8. Twirling Trees  9. Modern Paper Ornaments


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