MikaelaBeth | 2014 begins….
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2014 begins….

2014 Begins

I may be off to a late start this year but I am looking forward to getting stuck into the new year and all the things that it’s going to bring with it!

Over 4 weeks of spending good fun, quality time with friends and family, lot’s of driving, beach holidays, music teaching training, birthday parties, Ultrasounds and getting my husband ready for work again. ‘Christmas’ really has been so much fun and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Today I have finally been able to sit down in my office and get a few thoughts together and start to make some sense of the disorganised dumping ground it has become over the past month….

One thing that jumped off my phone screen while browsing my Instagram feed one day was the above 5 goals. Lorna Jane had posted the image and I have decided to make those 5 things my ‘New Years Revolution’.


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