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Baby All-In-One Stitchery Design

Baby All-In-One Stitchery Designs  Free Printable  www.MikaelaBeth.comFor gifts I like to put in a little extra effort and make something pretty and meaningful. I was invited to my friends baby shower so I decided to draw up some design to stitch onto the front of three all-in-one outfits that would make dressing her new baby easy with a stylish edge. Baby All-In-One Stitchery 1 These are the three designs I finally decided to do:Baby All-In-One Stitchery Birds  Free Printable

Baby All-In-One Stitchery Flower  Free Printable Baby All-In-One Stitchery Cloud  Free Printable  I mostly stitched these in backstitch with a little running stitch and lazy dazy thrown in.

I’ve included a pdf download for you to print out and make yourself:
Free Printable | Baby All-In-One Stitchery

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