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Reality of life with a 8 week old 1

We all have those days I’m sure… You know the ones where you get to the end and can’t remember what you managed to do to fill in the hours since you got up that morning, or the ones where everything you do seems to go wrong, or the ones where you just want the day to end and your eyes are falling shut but are still up at 1:30am willing the baby to go to sleep, which is what I am currently doing.

Days like these I celebrate the small achievements. For me things like having freshly washed and blow-dried hair and a hot cup of coffee makes all the difference and can turn an average day into a great day, after all who cares if the floors get vacuumed or if there’s a thousand photos to be edited.. They will still be there waiting for another day.

I was reminded earlier today to frequently take deep breaths; to discover the benefits & pleasure of breathing fully. This made me think of how little I pay attention to the small things like breathing; ensuring I take deep breaths and also enjoying the sounds of my baby girls little breaths as she tries to go to sleep in my arms.

These days don’t last forever I am told, although right now it is hard to see beyond this moment. Time to enjoy the now and the fact that I get to cuddle Olivia once again tonight…

Reality of life with a 8 week old 2

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  • Virtuous Housewife

    July 29, 2014 at 7:24 am Reply

    Ah! Your post was wonderful for me to read this day dear friend! What a beautiful way to think. I am encouraged!! Xxx

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