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Around here I am packing the house. We are about to embark on a new journey that we aren’t sure of the final destination but that’s part of the fun of living this life full of adventure.

I am putting all my reading and processing of decluttering and becoming minimalistic into practice. I’ve been able to donate so much stuff in the past week in preparation for packing. It’s a perfect stage for me to be doing this. I’ve had the fun of “playing house” and setting everything up just the way I wanted, now I’m ready to live a bit more simply and have less.

Around here we are painting. Due to Garths next job being delayed we had an extra couple of days up our sleeve so we decided that while our house was empty it would be a perfect time to freshen up the walls. And thanks to the extra help of an awesome brother and sister-in-law we had it finished in half a day!

Around here I am feeling a little bit nostalgic. Paying attention to all the little details of our home, where we have spent the majority of our married life, renovated, and had our first child.

Around here Olivia has just got her second tooth. Thankfully she is taking the move in her stride and being the best girl I could hope for. She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything that is within her reach.

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