MikaelaBeth | Ten on Ten :: September 2015
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Ten on Ten :: September 2015

Ten on Ten-1 Ten on Ten-3 Ten on Ten-4 Ten on Ten-5 Ten on Ten-2 Ten on Ten-6 Ten on Ten-9 Ten on Ten-10 Ten on Ten-7 Ten on Ten-8Started this gorgeous day with a warm lemon water and a couple hours of productive work before Olivia woke up.

We both enjoy sitting on the veranda in the morning sunshine.

Olivia is becoming such a good helper, helping put her toys away when I ask.

The state of the bedroom floor can get rather messy with a toddler wanting to ‘help’ pack clothes for our holiday (i.e. pull every item out of the box that I’ve just put in). Plus trying on lots of new and old clothes to work out what fits for this next season.

Colouring with crayons is  favourite activity and I love watching her concentration while she adds lots of colour to the page.

Whilst trying on a new romper I’ve just finished sewing for her (will take some better photos and share soon!) Olivia decided that the shopping had to get unpacked and repacked into the bags and then carry them around the house.


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