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This requires a cup of tea or three

Computer and hard drive

A few weeks ago, as I was about to import some photo’s, I opened my computer up and the hard drive which I stored all my photo’s on wasn’t there. After many hours of trying to find a solution, and much heartbreak and tears as I then discovered my backup wasn’t connected, I have purchased a brand new hard drive to start afresh.

So I begin sorting and keywording my backlog of photos again (from prior to christmas 2014 which I have a second copy) and try not to dwell too much on the fact that there’s a very high chance that I have lost over twelve months of photos, including the many of my baby girl from 6 – 18 months which I can never replace. I still hold a glimmer of hope as the hard drive is currently sitting at a repairman’s shop and waiting for the phone call to say if its repairable or not.

I guess its important to remember they are just a moment in time and at least we still have the memory etched in our minds.

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