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Baby announcement

Over on instagram we announced that we are very excited to be bringing a third baby into our family before the end of the year!

Olivia and Jairus were immediately in love with the idea and ever since we told them they have been playing babies with all their soft toys and its just so sweet to watch and imagine the way they will be when there’s an actual baby to love and care for.

As we were taking the photos for our announcement, with a self timer on a tripod, I’m sure you can imagine I did a lot of culling but we also got some other gems of photos that I wanted to share


Knitted Jumper for Jairus

I’ve completed three major knitting projects in the last few days, I’m excited to share them with you!

First up, here is a jumper that I’ve made for Jairus. It may seem familiar as I made the same pattern in the size bigger for Olivia last year (you can see it here) It has been much loved and super practical so I decided Jairus needed one too.

The yarn is natural undyed wool from Nundle Woolen Mill, the same as Olivia’s just a different colour. It had been previously made into a crocheted basket, but it really wasn’t very useful and so I thought the wool would be put to better use as a jumper. Unfortunately I miscalculated the amount that would be needed and ran out with a sleeve still to knit, I ordered some more to finish but the sheep had grown a different coloured coat so its slightly different, although it’s probably only me that notices it (and you now that I’ve told you). It just adds to the character and makes it imperfect, which according to the Amish, they call it a ‘humility block’ and it shows their humility to God and I kind of like this so I’m going with it.

Details on what I used and the pattern can be found on Ravelry here

Now I feel like I’m missing a part of me with no knitting project on the go (apart from a washer part made and the squares that will eventually turn into a blanket, but we don’t count those) what should I make next? a vest for Jairus? a shawl for me? or a skirt for Olivia? all are on the short list to start making soon.




Winter 10×10 wrap up

Why did you do the challenge in the first place? 

I went into this challenge with the intention of just doing it, not waiting for the perfect time or perfect photo’s. It was a chance to really try out a couple of items that have been stowed in my wardrobe and are nice but never actually get worn.

What did you learn about your personal style? 

Practical, easy to wear clothes are good for this stage of life since my day’s are filled with mopping up spilled drinks and pushing swings at the park, but even then it’s nice to add the extra details to feel more complete.

Were there any pieces you included that felt like mistakes?

Everything I chose worked well, in saying that though the black and green patterned collared shirt doesn’t feel right as an everyday shirt. It was good to make myself wear it a for a few days to confirm my thoughts, so for now it’s going to be put aside with a few other nice items that are more appropriate for work clothes.

Did your clothes work for the weather?

Yes – we’ve had the most perfect mild winter here at the moment. A couple of the first days were a bit cooler so perfect to layer the tops and I was able to save my lighter tops to wear on their own towards the end when it was hotter.

How did the laundry work out?

My normal routine is to do a load of washing most days. During this challenge I just made sure I did it everyday, often putting on the load in the evening so it was ready to hang out first thing, or if I thought I might an item the next day I hung it on my clothes airer and it was often dry by morning so I could wear it again the next day.

Which piece was your favourite?

The grey and white stripe Maison & Scotch pullover easily tops the list. It’s just a simple cotton shirt that can be worn on it’s own or layered, plain in colour that it goes with anything yet has gorgeous detail in the soft stripes and sparkles.

What would you do different next time?

Next time (yes I’m already planning for another one next season!) I would like to add more variety in the style of clothes I include, such as a dress, button up shirt, skirt, etc. to create a bit more fun and interest in the types of outfits I can put together.