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Be Wildly Logo & Label Design

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To create a logo and branding for an all purpose healing ointment. The product will be for the health and environment conscious consumer, appealing to both a masculine man for in his camping kit and for the nurturing mother to use on her children. Creating a sense of adventure but also keeping the design simple. You can find out more about the product at www.bewildly.com.au



MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks 15-11-20_NIKON D7000_14-56-15

A little burst of excitement as I opened my mailbox to find these photo books inside.

I ordered them through Chatbooks which links to my instagram account, it automatically prints and sends me a new book every 60 photos I take. This is a simple but excellent solution for having so many photo’s on my computer never being printed or even seen. There’s so much more I want to do with them but at least this is a good start and it requires no extra effort 🙂

Olivia loves sitting down and looking at all the photo’s, pointing to faces of special people she knows and of things she loves.


Life changing discovery

I have just discovered wordmark! It is an incredible resource for choosing a font to use in a new design. Gone are the days of going through each font installed on my computer (and there are many!) one by one to find the perfect style. Now I just simply type a word and it will display that word in all of the fonts loaded on my computer. Instantly I can compare font styles, thicknesses, etc. until I find the desired effect I am trying to create.

Wordmark example

Give it a try, it can be pretty addictive!


Decorate your desktop

Monday mornings call for a freshly brewed coffee and a desktop makeover.

I love changing the wallpaper on my computer and phone. It’s a super simple way to get some new ‘artwork’ and it is refreshing to sit down and see a new gorgeous background.

Here are a few of my picks for this week:

compare_wallpaper dressyourtech-valmariepaper2-2 holstee-calendar-2015-04-nurishment-desktop-2 Pink-Florals Shrimp Salad Circus Valentines Heart Wallpaper CMYK

Click the image to go to the original source to download them

Which is your favourite? I’ve currently got ‘nourishment’ but thinking I may have to swap it soon for the floral one!



Transitions In UX Design

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