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  Thank you to all who the beautiful people who had a chat and purchased a special something.

I will be at the Bespoke Twilight Markets  on the 28th November and also at the Handmade expo the following day, 29th November. Please come and have a browse at all the gorgeous stalls and what a great opportunity to get those christmas gifts!

Don’t forget – if you can’t make it to the markets you can visit my shop and it is always free postage for all orders in Australia 🙂


Olivia’s spring wardrobe

These past few weeks as the days are getting warmer and spring has arrived, I have been on the  hunt for some pretty and practical clothes to dress my little toddler in for this next season. Plus its New York Fashion Week so I thought why not share some of my favourite finds to celebrate.

It is rather funny, even if you think it will never happen, when you have a daughter it is much more delightful to shop for pretty little things for her to wear…and my own wardrobe is feeling rather neglected at the moment. But lets get back on track!

I have discovered this shop in Brisbane called Lacey Lane. They make these super cute vintage style clothes in beautiful fabrics. I’ve had to make a detour on the way home from dropping Garth at the airport a couple of times just to ooh and ahh over all the pretties they have in their shop.

Lacey Lane outfits
Photography credit: Lacey Lane

My other favourite find is Oishi-M. Funky and fun fabrics which will be perfect for Olivia to run and play in all day. I love the fact that they are designed to grow with the child so you can wear the same clothes for a couple of years.

Oishi-M OutiftsPhotography credit: Oishi-M



New Dress for Olivia

I want to share with you today a cute little outfit that I’ve made for Olivia.New Handmade DressThe main floral fabric is an Amy Butler design which mum had wrapped a present for me in many years ago … it has been sitting in the drawer, patiently waiting for the perfect project. Finally I knew it would look gorgeous in a cute little dress for Olivia. New Dress 11While choosing the fabrics to use, I wanted to bring in the coral hexagon fabric for the neckline trim to add some depth, but that on its own just wasn’t enough so I tossed around some ideas and decided to add some prairie points along the border too. New Dress 10New Dress 9New Dress 2It was a challenge to get any photo’s of the hat actually on Olivia’s head as she thinks it makes a far better chew toy at this stage… Lets hope once she grows and it fits her a little better she might prefer to wear it on her head?! New Dress 4New Dress 6New Dress 3New Dress 7New Dress 5New Dress 1




Project: Amy Butler Bag

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 4 Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 3 Amy Butler Cosmo Bag
Necklace from MikaelaBeth

I had this bag all cut out and had started sewing it together the day before Olivia arrived. Needless to say it took me a while to get back and finish it!

The pattern is from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches Book.

I am loving this bag more and more each time I use it. Such a practical size to throw everything in and also as a fun nappy bag to carry all the essentials. Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 5


Bump Style: 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Style 35 weeks | blog.mikaelabeth.com Pregnancy Style 35 weeks  | blog.mikaelabeth.com Pregnancy Style 35 weeks  |  blog.mikaelabeth.com

Only 5 weeks to go!

These photo’s were taken after camping for three days in a tent (I’m surprised my hair actually doesn’t look too bad!). The light was beautiful and I happened to spot an old shed that was perfect for a backdrop, also I realised it’s been far too long since I had taken any photo’s of my rapidly growing belly!

My wardrobe is extremely limited at the moment, but it’s a great time to play with layers as the weather is getting cooler.


STYLE: Amy Butler Tunic

Amy Butler Tunic23 weeks

After Christmas my parents came to visit for a few fantastic days. While they were here, Mum, my sister-in-law and I went exploring some new shops in town and discovered this gorgeous fabric and homewares shop, Finders Keepers.

While we were browsing the many beautiful things in the shop I found this pattern by Amy Butler, who is a favourite fabric designer of mine. I just had to bring it and some pretty fabric home to make a ‘maternity’ top while my mum was visiting and able to give me some tips along the way.

Amy Butler Tunic SewingAmyButlerTunicSewingAmy Butler Tunic Sewing

I also made a longer dress version out of some linen fabric that I picked up at a garage sale. I love how it turned out with a slight vintage feel.

Amy Butler Tunic Dress


Bump Style: 20 weeks


Half way milestone has been reached. Wow.

Over the last couple weeks my belly has grown so much! (I’ve been told that it doesn’t stop from here on either…)

Now that I’m really starting to ‘show’ (and not just look like I’ve eaten too much for lunch) I’m enjoying wearing some of my firmer fitting tops that accentuate the growing bump mixed in with the loose flowy items which have been my primary wardrobe recently.20140112-230331.jpg



Bump Style – 15 weeks

This is the perfect casual sunday outfit for brunch and a leisurely drive along the back country roads.

Necklace can be purchased here

My husband had a unexpected day off, we celebrated by driving up to Murrurundi to have a late breakfast at a gorgeous cafe. There is a pretty little nursery attached to the cafe and I ended up buying a couple of indoor pot plants to assist with my goal of freshening up the house and to bring some extra life indoors.  It was a perfect sunny morning and so nice to be out and about.

Bump Style 15 wksI am 15 weeks pregnant  – and not much of a bump yet… although I did get my first ‘belly rub’ from a friend while out to dinner last night!

DSC_8970I’ve enjoyed reading snippets of what the baby’s doing and how big it is. This week it is about the size of an orange! 11cm long from crown to rump.