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Flannel Baby Wraps

Flannel Baby Wrap | MikaelaBeth 2-01 Flannel Baby Wrap | MikaelaBeth 3 Flannel Baby Wrap | MikaelaBeth 1

My latest sewing project has been to make these flannel baby wraps. They are super soft and snuggly, perfect for a new baby coming into this world at the start of a very cold winter.

I purchased some coordinating flannel fabric in lovely charcoal and cream tones, with a duck print thrown in as I have been known to be a little duck fan in the past.

Often the wraps for sale are around 1 meter square, but from what I have read and heard from others the more generous sized wraps work the best. As the fabric was 110cm wide I went a little longer and got 130cm of each piece. I then placed the front sides together of two coordinating prints and sewed around the edge, leaving a gap to turn them right sides out. I then pressed the seems and sewed another top stitch around the edge to keep it sitting flat and to give it a nice finishing touch.

These are now hanging patiently on the blanket ladder that my talented husband made for the baby room, waiting for the moment that they will be needed.


Market Stall + Mother’s Day

Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 1 Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 2 Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 3

On the weekend our town celebrated the 2014 Horse Festival with its annual street parade followed by the Grammar School Fete. It’s one of those days where everyone comes out to enjoy the many activities about town with their friends and family.

This is my third year of having my products for sale at the markets. My stall display and products have changed over the years, but the energetic crowds of people that surround the street have continued to create the same buzz year after year.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased jewellery and flowers and I hope there were a lot of happy Mum’s waking up to a pretty bunch of paper roses for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day | MikaelaBethHappy belated Mother’s Day to my gorgeous Mum!



Camping at Knorrit Flat

Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 1 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 2 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 3 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 5 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 7 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 6 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | blog.mikaelabeth.com 4

On the weekend we explored a part of the country we had never been before. We started the weekend by attending the ANZAC Day Dawn Service before hitting the road to get to our destination. We stayed at the Knorrit Flat Riverside Retreat, a beautiful place to camp on luscious green grass alongside a flowing river, tubes are available  and get a lift upstream and float back down to the campsite (although there were plenty of swimmers this weekend it was a bit too chilly to get me in the water!). There was plenty of 4wding to be done, with lots of fallen trees to remove off the track, plus plenty of time to relax and connect with the friends we were with.

At 35 weeks pregnant it most likely was the final camping trip as just the two of us! I am looking forward to the new adventures we will have as a family of three.


Artwork for the Baby Room

Baby Feet Artwork | www.mikaelabeth.comThis weekend was all about getting creative and brushing the dust off my Silverbullet Dicut Machine, which has been regretfully sitting in the cupboard unused since I bought it six months ago… I’m blaming it onto foggy baby brain, it being slightly more challenging to use then I expected and the fact that I couldn’t get anything to cut perfect with it first go!

Well thanks to a new project I’ve started, which has a lot of cutting required and to have it cut perfectly by a machine would be hugely beneficial, and to some subtle nudging from my husband to dig out the machine and give it another go (I think he struggles with watching me sit for hours on end doing such repetitive tasks!) I finally dug it out of the back of the cupboard and persevered with understanding how it works.

After doing many test cuts I was able to cut out these cute footprints! The satisfaction and excitement of having those little toes perfectly cut with no ragged edges is immense! To celebrate I decided to place them in a frame to become the very first artwork for the new baby room which we are about to start to put together.



Chichester State Forest Camping Trip

Chichester State Forest Camping Trip 001
Chichester Camping Trip CollageChichester State Forest Camping Trip 004 Chichester State Forest Camping Trip 005 Chichester State Forest Camping Trip 006 Chichester State Forest Camping Trip 007The weekend started off with an absolutely stunning drive watching the sunrise over the rolling hills. It was picture perfect and definitely made the early start worthwhile! After meeting up with friends and being handed a fresh hot pie for breakfast we set off along exploring the back roads to our destination, Chichester State Forest. We managed to spend about 8 hours driving with only a few km’s on a main road (which was a detour for the essential morning coffee stop). Once we got to the State forest there was no shortage of tracks to be driven, mud puddles to drive through and collapsed bridges to cross. It was a fantastic weekend enjoyed with great friends.



On my desk: Sewing Projects

Sewing Projects 001 Sewing Projects 002  Sewing Projects 003

My desk is currently filled with multiple sewing projects on the go. One quilt is getting the finishing touches of being bound, another quilt is on the cutting mat just getting started, and a third quilt is part way through being knitted.


St. Patrick Day Favourites

The Colour Green | www.blog.mikaelabeth.com

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

These are just a few of the gorgeous green items I am loving at the moment. Especially that super cute citrus juicer, may be just the thing to get coming into winter with lots of lemons and oranges to juice.



Homemade Potato Wedges

Since I had some yummy homemade chilli sauce in the fridge I decided that it needed some wedges and sour cream to go with it, and you can’t top homemade rustic wedges.Homemade Potato WedgesI started by washing the random mix of potatoes I had in my cupboard and cutting them into wedges. I know some varieties work best, but I didn’t need to go to the shops for anything else and these all tasted pretty fine if you ask me!

Then I placed them into an oven tray and covered generously with some Macadamia Oil and then seasoned with freshly ground mix of herbs and salt. Homemade Potato WedgesI popped them into a hot oven till they were scrumptiously golden.

Served with my chilli sauce mixed with honey (it really made a delicious sweet chilli sauce!) and sour cream. Was such a easy and yummy snack. Homemade Potato Wedges


Valentine’s Day Pretties


Valentines Day Pretties

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Have you got any special plans? Date night with your special person? Dinner with friends?
I get to pick up my gorgeous husband from the airport tonight, not the most romantic evening, but I am definitely looking forward to it!

I am loving all the pink, red and love hearts around at the moment. These are a few of my favourites:

1. Love Yarn Letters – Such a pretty DIY to put on display.

2. Leather Heart Pins – A simple way to make your outfit pretty for a date.

3. Leather Conversation Hearts – I love these for personalised gift, I think even a guy wouldn’t mind carrying one of these around.

4. Giant Cross Stitch – How awesome would this be on the wall!

5. Watercolour Cards – What better way to say I love you then with a hand painted card.