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DIY Wooden Letter Sign

MikaelaBeth DIY Wooden Sign

Over the past 18 months I have been attending the occasional market promoting my business, MikaelaBeth. At first I started with just a laminated sign with my logo pinned to the front of the table, but I wanted something more… and this is what I came up with.  A sign like this would be perfect for so many different purposes – at a wedding, in a kid’s room, for Christmas etc.

Here’s how you can create your own:

MikaelaBeth Maket Stand SignYou’ll need:
Wooden Letter (these are the one’s I used)
Spray Paint in your chosen colour (I used White Knights ‘Magenta’)
Tiny Screw Eyes
1mm Drill Bit

MikaelaBeth Sign

In a well ventilated area or outside give your letters a coat or two of paint until completely covered, allow drying time between coats and before turning over to paint the other side.

When the stain is completely dry, plug in your drill, hold it like a gun, and rev it a few times (just for fun).

Next grab your 1mm drill bit, and drill holes in the top of each letter. For narrow letters drill one hole in the top center, and for wide letters (like M or K) you’ll want two holes in the top so they hang straight.
After drilling, twist a screw eye into each hole.

Lay the letters out on the floor in the correct order and space them the way you want them to hang. Unwind a length of string long enough to connect all the letters, plus a bit extra on each end.

Thread each letter onto the string one and at a time, knotting them in place. Make sure the letters are spaced evenly as you go along. If a letter hangs crooked, you can twist the screw eye to adjust the angle.

Here it is in place on my market stand and I love how it looks.

MikaelaBeth DIY Wooden Sign



2014 begins….

2014 Begins

I may be off to a late start this year but I am looking forward to getting stuck into the new year and all the things that it’s going to bring with it!

Over 4 weeks of spending good fun, quality time with friends and family, lot’s of driving, beach holidays, music teaching training, birthday parties, Ultrasounds and getting my husband ready for work again. ‘Christmas’ really has been so much fun and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Today I have finally been able to sit down in my office and get a few thoughts together and start to make some sense of the disorganised dumping ground it has become over the past month….

One thing that jumped off my phone screen while browsing my Instagram feed one day was the above 5 goals. Lorna Jane had posted the image and I have decided to make those 5 things my ‘New Years Revolution’.



Bump Style: 20 weeks


Half way milestone has been reached. Wow.

Over the last couple weeks my belly has grown so much! (I’ve been told that it doesn’t stop from here on either…)

Now that I’m really starting to ‘show’ (and not just look like I’ve eaten too much for lunch) I’m enjoying wearing some of my firmer fitting tops that accentuate the growing bump mixed in with the loose flowy items which have been my primary wardrobe recently.20140112-230331.jpg



Bump Style – 15 weeks

This is the perfect casual sunday outfit for brunch and a leisurely drive along the back country roads.

Necklace can be purchased here

My husband had a unexpected day off, we celebrated by driving up to Murrurundi to have a late breakfast at a gorgeous cafe. There is a pretty little nursery attached to the cafe and I ended up buying a couple of indoor pot plants to assist with my goal of freshening up the house and to bring some extra life indoors.  It was a perfect sunny morning and so nice to be out and about.

Bump Style 15 wksI am 15 weeks pregnant  – and not much of a bump yet… although I did get my first ‘belly rub’ from a friend while out to dinner last night!

DSC_8970I’ve enjoyed reading snippets of what the baby’s doing and how big it is. This week it is about the size of an orange! 11cm long from crown to rump.




9 DIY Christmas Decorations

I love this time of year. Full of celebration and happy times.

Also its a good excuse to have a change and redecorate! personally I love to rearrange furniture and change things around in my house as its a fun way to clean up and declutter without making that the main project which isn’t near so fun.

I’m in the process of getting out my christmas decorations and thinking about making some new ones. Here’s a collection of DIY Christmas decorations that I love.

DIY Christmas Decorations

1. Porcelain Holiday Tree Lights 2. DIY Christmas Crackers 3. Confetti Bursts
4. Petal Drops 5. Christmas Cake Topper 6. Bottle Brush Trees
7. Mini Tree Advent Calendar 8. Twirling Trees  9. Modern Paper Ornaments



I’m thankful for…

It’s popping up all over the media, on Facebook, blog posts, instagram and even the news, so I thought even though I’m not American and Thanksgiving isn’t an Aussie tradition I can still be thankful for so many things in my life.

Purple Flower with spider-01-01

So here are 10 things I am thankful for:

  1. My family – I am so thankful for the family I am apart of and the great relationships we all have together. During a conversation with friends a few days ago we were talking about families and the general feel was that everyone had at least one sibling that they didn’t get along with or at a get together would end in arguments, I was so thankful to be apart of a family that all got along really well and treasure the moments we are all together.
  2. Friends – since moving a distance away from most of my family I have really appreciated the friendships that have grown. I have got some of the best friends and most of us don’t have close family around so enjoy the regular company of each other.
  3. Health – I am so thankful for a healthy body. A journey I’ve enjoyed taking over the past year or two (and will be ongoing) is learning more about having a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The wee little baby inside my tummy – a small miracle!
  5. The country I live in, Australia. Not to be biased but often I think we have the best place in the world to live. The freedom and the lifestyle we are able to live is fantastic.
  6. Rain! it’s pouring again. Often it can go weeks or months without a single drop, but in this past week we have had so much rain it’s crazy!
  7. My job – I love the fact I can work from home doing what I love!
  8. My husband – he is the greatest! So generous, loving, and willing to give anything a go.
  9. Our home – It is so nice to live in a home with a brand new kitchen, bathrooms and fresh paint. Something I am extremely thankful for after living in a reno zone for 12 months, and without a kitchen for a couple months.
  10. Good food – I love the fact I can walk to the shops and pick up some yummy fresh ingredients to cook with any day of the week.



The flowers are photo’s I took during our holiday in Tasmania last year.