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This requires a cup of tea or three

Computer and hard drive

A few weeks ago, as I was about to import some photo’s, I opened my computer up and the hard drive which I stored all my photo’s on wasn’t there. After many hours of trying to find a solution, and much heartbreak and tears as I then discovered my backup wasn’t connected, I have purchased a brand new hard drive to start afresh.

So I begin sorting and keywording my backlog of photos again (from prior to christmas 2014 which I have a second copy) and try not to dwell too much on the fact that there’s a very high chance that I have lost over twelve months of photos, including the many of my baby girl from 6 – 18 months which I can never replace. I still hold a glimmer of hope as the hard drive is currently sitting at a repairman’s shop and waiting for the phone call to say if its repairable or not.

I guess its important to remember they are just a moment in time and at least we still have the memory etched in our minds.



16-01-13_NIKON D7000_15-25-35“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

Always ‘helping’.
Always right by my side.
Always trying to do exactly what I do.
Even taking photo’s of me while I take a photo of her.


Short term goals

15-12-31_NIKON D7000_16-28-03 15-12-31_NIKON D7000_17-22-2615-12-27_NIKON D7000_16-44-06At the beginning of this year, Garth and I were chatting about various plans and goals for the year ahead, as I’m sure almost everyone else does too. We’ve decided to have a ‘no spend’ 3 months, still allowing us to buy the essentials but really thinking about what is a need and what is just a want (even if it’s a really really want it now), this will allow us to make some steps towards where we want to be financially.

This has meant I’ve been looking at all the things I have in my studio, some pretty, some useful, and some things that I should just get rid of… but also some unfinished projects that have been sitting on the shelf and need to be finished! it’s a win win – I’m completing projects that have been taking up space and I’m also not spending money on any new supplies.

I’m going to share with you a list of what I’m hoping to complete in the next 3 months:

1. Pin and quilt chooky quilt
2. Knit Olivias cardigan
3. Crotchet colourful balls
4. Sew outfit for Olivia
5. Sew dress for me
6. Stitch candle wicking quilt blocks
7. Complete diploma in Interior Design
8. Photograph pre-made jewellery to list for sale
9. Paint landscape with oil paints
10. Have my backlog of photos organised and key worded

This is making my heart beat a little faster as I’m writing this with the realisation that I’m now going to be accountable to you. Thank you for listening and I will share updates along the way.



16-01-02_NIKON D7000_18-24-46 16-01-02_NIKON D7000_18-24-54“A portrait (or two) of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

A stop along the side of the road on the way home from our holiday resulted in a spontaneous photoshoot. Olivia enjoyed getting out of her seat and stretching her legs, giggling as she felt the different types of grass.




MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks MikaelaBeth | Chatbooks 15-11-20_NIKON D7000_14-56-15

A little burst of excitement as I opened my mailbox to find these photo books inside.

I ordered them through Chatbooks which links to my instagram account, it automatically prints and sends me a new book every 60 photos I take. This is a simple but excellent solution for having so many photo’s on my computer never being printed or even seen. There’s so much more I want to do with them but at least this is a good start and it requires no extra effort 🙂

Olivia loves sitting down and looking at all the photo’s, pointing to faces of special people she knows and of things she loves.



  Thank you to all who the beautiful people who had a chat and purchased a special something.

I will be at the Bespoke Twilight Markets  on the 28th November and also at the Handmade expo the following day, 29th November. Please come and have a browse at all the gorgeous stalls and what a great opportunity to get those christmas gifts!

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