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Weekend at the beach

In March, for our wedding anniversary, we decided to go for an overnight at the beach to celebrate and to spend quality time together as a family before Garth went away for work again.

Even though we were barely there 24hrs, it was such a lovely trip. Setting up camp just on the edge of the sand so we could enjoy the scenery without having to leave our site (which was particularly lovely in the evening after the kids had gone to sleep, watching the lights reflecting on the water while grounding our feet in the sand with a glass of wine in hand).

Reminding me again of the importance of making time to get away from the ever growing list of jobs to do and just to sit and be with those that you love. 



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017.”

When you ask your 2 year old to smile…. not always getting the response you hope for.

We obviously like blue and white stripes in this house.


Rope Basket

Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com A project I’ve been itching to make for over 12 months (I even bought the rope before christmas last year!). Finally it was time to just do it. Stop putting it aside for more important things. Time to have some fun and try something new. Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com

After much pinterest browsing and looking at tutorials I decided to make a basket for Olivia, to hold her special things, whatever they may be at the time (today it was a leaf, a rock and her cucumber!)

There’s something about starting with a big coil of rope and watching it transform into a basket, while being mesmerised by the hum of the sewing machine zig zagging its way around and around.

Of course I didn’t just start with a simple bowl or with handles that are attached like 99% of the rope baskets out there, I decided to do my own thing and have seperate handles… probably not the best idea as it’s very difficult to join the ends! My solution was a little piece of coordinating ribbon which I thought would look pretty when I draped it across, except for after wrapping it around the handles it does remind me a bit of grey tape. Oh well, you have to start somewhere and I’ll just have to trial some other techniques to cover the messy ends.

Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com Rope Basket | www.MikaelaBeth.com


A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

6 AM

As the sun begins to stream through the blinds in the bedroom I let my eyes gradually open. Generally around 6am although at the moment I am taking things slower and listening to my body and letting it sleep when it needs to.

I start my morning with a warm ginger and lemon tea which I then take back to bed to drink while I read a few chapters of a non fiction book. (I often go to my studio and do some work at this time too)

7 AM

A little voice appears from the next room, chatting away to her favourite soft toy friends that she took to bed with her (always bunny and roo and also whoever else was a favourite from the day before). She is often very happily practicing her words and enjoying her space till around 7:30.

I softly push open her door and poke my head around the corner waiting for her to notice me, she then has the biggest grin and jumps up and reaches out for me to lift her out of her cot.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com16-06-08_NIKON D7000_08-19-03-2

8 AM

We then venture into the kitchen and both have a cup of beef broth as it is simmering away in the slow cooker ready to strain and put in the fridge.

I mix up some Egg and zucchini fritters, which are a firm favourite and a regular breakfast for us at the moment. I fry them and we sit and eat them together.

After everything is processed and cleaned up in the kitchen I then jump in the shower after reading Olivia a story which she so sweetly asked me to read. We both get dressed.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

9 AM

I hang up the washing that I had put on earlier. Taking a moment to breath deep and appreciate the clear blue sky and beautiful day.

We then jump in the car and go to mums for morning tea and a play with the daycare children that will be there.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

10 AM

Walking up to mum’s front door, a big ‘Hello’ from Olivia while she patiently waits for someone to unlock it for her.


Time to finish playing, say goodbye and drive home.

12 PM

Cucumber, Tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado – an absolute favourite for lunch! We both sit and eat our simple meal before cleaning up and snuggling into bed for a sleep.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

1 PM

This is my time to do some work, catch up on emails, edit photos, or whatever else is on the list to do for the day.

2 PM

I make myself a pot of herbal tea (Immune-Tea blend today) and sit quietly with my knitting, currently working on a little bunny for Olivia. Never being one to have a mid day nap, this has been my way of letting my body rest and put my feet up while I’m in the third trimester of this pregnancy.


Around this time I hear a little voice calling out, wanting to get up and play. We brush Olivia’s hair, making sure to put in her bow again! Then we head to the kitchen to have a mandarine for afternoon tea.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com4 PM

Desperately in need of some warm winter pyjamas, we jump in the car again and go to my sister’s place where I had left the fabric to cut out and use her sewing room. Once arriving we discovered I had the pattern at home and couldn’t do any sewing anyway…. never to worry, just had to have a coffee and sit and chat instead.

5 PM

Home to prep dinner and have a bath. Getting snug and warm ready for bed.

6 PM

We sit at the table and eat our dinner together.

7 PM

Bed Time for Olivia. We pop on her snuggle suit, have a drink and make sure her toys are ready for bed too. I put on the colourful diffuser with immune boost blend essential oils in it to help fight off the sniffles.

8 PM

I sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and a jumper I am currently knitting for Olivia, open my laptop and watch an episode of Downton Abbey on netflix before heading to bed myself at 9:30.



Portrait | www.MikaelaBeth.com Portrait | www.MikaelaBeth.com Family Portrait | www.MikaelaBeth.com

“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

Plus an extra couple as it was such a lovely winter’s day spent at the park with friends and were able to capture a rare family portrait which I wanted to share.