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Baby announcement

Over on instagram we announced that we are very excited to be bringing a third baby into our family before the end of the year!

Olivia and Jairus were immediately in love with the idea and ever since we told them they have been playing babies with all their soft toys and its just so sweet to watch and imagine the way they will be when there’s an actual baby to love and care for.

As we were taking the photos for our announcement, with a self timer on a tripod, I’m sure you can imagine I did a lot of culling but we also got some other gems of photos that I wanted to share


A New Addition to our Family!

16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-20-07-EditExcited to share with you that we are going to be welcoming a new baby into our family mid August.

We had fun trying to capture this photo to share the news with you, our family and friends, although capturing this ‘perfect’ shot with a very active toddler and a camera on self timer proves to be slightly challenging! I’ve included a few of the outtakes for you to have a little giggle.

16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-20-06 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-23-41 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-24-16-2 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-24-43 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-26-48 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-28-08 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-28-20


Bump Style: 20 weeks


Half way milestone has been reached. Wow.

Over the last couple weeks my belly has grown so much! (I’ve been told that it doesn’t stop from here on either…)

Now that I’m really starting to ‘show’ (and not just look like I’ve eaten too much for lunch) I’m enjoying wearing some of my firmer fitting tops that accentuate the growing bump mixed in with the loose flowy items which have been my primary wardrobe recently.20140112-230331.jpg



Bump Style – 15 weeks

This is the perfect casual sunday outfit for brunch and a leisurely drive along the back country roads.

Necklace can be purchased here

My husband had a unexpected day off, we celebrated by driving up to Murrurundi to have a late breakfast at a gorgeous cafe. There is a pretty little nursery attached to the cafe and I ended up buying a couple of indoor pot plants to assist with my goal of freshening up the house and to bring some extra life indoors.  It was a perfect sunny morning and so nice to be out and about.

Bump Style 15 wksI am 15 weeks pregnant  – and not much of a bump yet… although I did get my first ‘belly rub’ from a friend while out to dinner last night!

DSC_8970I’ve enjoyed reading snippets of what the baby’s doing and how big it is. This week it is about the size of an orange! 11cm long from crown to rump.




Some exciting news!!

Baby Announcement


We are thrilled to announce that there will be a new arrival in June ’14!!

I am 13 weeks.

My pregnancy has been a dream so far.
Apart from being extremely tired for a few weeks (and having a much needed nana nap!) and being slightly queazy after an intense bootcamp session, everything else has been fantastic.

I am definitely noticing an increase in energy and brain power now that I’m coming to the end of my first trimester, for this I am thankful as I was starting to get concerned that I would forever be without my fully functioning brain.