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16-03-30_NIKON D7000_17-05-36“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

This blog of mine has been a bit neglected of late, sorry. But as it’s a goal I set myself to have a collection of Olivia’s portraits each week this year I am going to catch up on editing the photo’s I have taken and sharing them here so we can all enjoy them in this one space.


A New Addition to our Family!

16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-20-07-EditExcited to share with you that we are going to be welcoming a new baby into our family mid August.

We had fun trying to capture this photo to share the news with you, our family and friends, although capturing this ‘perfect’ shot with a very active toddler and a camera on self timer proves to be slightly challenging! I’ve included a few of the outtakes for you to have a little giggle.

16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-20-06 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-23-41 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-24-16-2 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-24-43 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-26-48 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-28-08 16-03-05_NIKON D7000_17-28-20