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Knitted romper for my baby boy

Knitting is something I have quickly grown to love. It is my time to sit back and put my feet up at the end of they day, my time to meditate in the repetitive motion of the needles clicking together gradually weaving a new shape out of a string of wool, my time to recharge.

This romper I knitted for Jairus. It really is the perfect little outfit for a very active crawling, climbing, wriggling boy. Throw on a collared shirt and knee high socks and he’s the best dressed kid in town, or put on a t-shirt and he’s all set to go exploring.

The pattern is the Sea Breeze Romper  by Kuroki Knitting


Olivia’s spring wardrobe

These past few weeks as the days are getting warmer and spring has arrived, I have been on the  hunt for some pretty and practical clothes to dress my little toddler in for this next season. Plus its New York Fashion Week so I thought why not share some of my favourite finds to celebrate.

It is rather funny, even if you think it will never happen, when you have a daughter it is much more delightful to shop for pretty little things for her to wear…and my own wardrobe is feeling rather neglected at the moment. But lets get back on track!

I have discovered this shop in Brisbane called Lacey Lane. They make these super cute vintage style clothes in beautiful fabrics. I’ve had to make a detour on the way home from dropping Garth at the airport a couple of times just to ooh and ahh over all the pretties they have in their shop.

Lacey Lane outfits
Photography credit: Lacey Lane

My other favourite find is Oishi-M. Funky and fun fabrics which will be perfect for Olivia to run and play in all day. I love the fact that they are designed to grow with the child so you can wear the same clothes for a couple of years.

Oishi-M OutiftsPhotography credit: Oishi-M