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  Thank you to all who the beautiful people who had a chat and purchased a special something.

I will be at the Bespoke Twilight Markets  on the 28th November and also at the Handmade expo the following day, 29th November. Please come and have a browse at all the gorgeous stalls and what a great opportunity to get those christmas gifts!

Don’t forget – if you can’t make it to the markets you can visit my shop and it is always free postage for all orders in Australia 🙂


Snails in my garden

Snails in my garden-4 Snails in my garden-2 Snails in my garden-3 Snails in my garden-5 Snails in my garden-9 Untitled design Snails in my garden-8 Snails in my garden-1

When the skies are grey the snails come out to play.

One morning I woke up to drizzling rain, looking out the back door I noticed the flowers in our back garden were covered in hundreds of snails. I had to capture this moment, forgetting about the morning routine and cooking breakfast right away. Outside I went, still wearing my pyjamas, in the rain… goodness knows what my neighbours must think! But it’s these moments, the little insignificant moments, the moments that people think you might be a little crazy that I enjoy.


Ten on Ten :: August 2015

10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-2 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-9 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-4 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-7 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-3 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-5 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-6 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-8 10 on 10 via MikaelaBeth.com-10Ten photos on the tenth day of the month.

Today Olivia and I had the pleasure of spending the day with her cousins.

Flowers picked from the garden and time spent outside playing with the newest members of their family, the chooks.

Always watching and learning, although I do think the little ones must get confused and think “why do people hold these shiny rectangular things up to their ears?? oh well it must be fun!”



Market Stall + Mother’s Day

Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 1 Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 2 Market Stall | MikaelaBeth 3

On the weekend our town celebrated the 2014 Horse Festival with its annual street parade followed by the Grammar School Fete. It’s one of those days where everyone comes out to enjoy the many activities about town with their friends and family.

This is my third year of having my products for sale at the markets. My stall display and products have changed over the years, but the energetic crowds of people that surround the street have continued to create the same buzz year after year.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased jewellery and flowers and I hope there were a lot of happy Mum’s waking up to a pretty bunch of paper roses for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day | MikaelaBethHappy belated Mother’s Day to my gorgeous Mum!