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Knitted Jumper for Jairus

I’ve completed three major knitting projects in the last few days, I’m excited to share them with you!

First up, here is a jumper that I’ve made for Jairus. It may seem familiar as I made the same pattern in the size bigger for Olivia last year (you can see it here) It has been much loved and super practical so I decided Jairus needed one too.

The yarn is natural undyed wool from Nundle Woolen Mill, the same as Olivia’s just a different colour. It had been previously made into a crocheted basket, but it really wasn’t very useful and so I thought the wool would be put to better use as a jumper. Unfortunately I miscalculated the amount that would be needed and ran out with a sleeve still to knit, I ordered some more to finish but the sheep had grown a different coloured coat so its slightly different, although it’s probably only me that notices it (and you now that I’ve told you). It just adds to the character and makes it imperfect, which according to the Amish, they call it a ‘humility block’ and it shows their humility to God and I kind of like this so I’m going with it.

Details on what I used and the pattern can be found on Ravelry here

Now I feel like I’m missing a part of me with no knitting project on the go (apart from a washer part made and the squares that will eventually turn into a blanket, but we don’t count those) what should I make next? a vest for Jairus? a shawl for me? or a skirt for Olivia? all are on the short list to start making soon.




Knitted Shawl

A shawl I knitted last year. It has quickly become my ‘go to’, throwing it on with whatever I happen to be wearing and it just works. The shape and the way the soft wool drapes is beautiful.

I used a pattern by Sylvia McFadden of Softseater knits called ‘Waiting for Rain

Find more info on the pattern and wool  here


For me knitting is a creative outlet, time to unwind, and a way of celebrating the changing seasons.





Knitted romper for my baby boy

Knitting is something I have quickly grown to love. It is my time to sit back and put my feet up at the end of they day, my time to meditate in the repetitive motion of the needles clicking together gradually weaving a new shape out of a string of wool, my time to recharge.

This romper I knitted for Jairus. It really is the perfect little outfit for a very active crawling, climbing, wriggling boy. Throw on a collared shirt and knee high socks and he’s the best dressed kid in town, or put on a t-shirt and he’s all set to go exploring.

The pattern is the Sea Breeze Romper  by Kuroki Knitting


Knitted Jumper

Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com

Earlier in the year, on mother’s day, Garth was working away and he visited the Nundle woollen mill on his day off. He knew how much I enjoyed it there and love working with their wool, so instead of flowers or chocolate he bought me a bag of wool which was in the seconds pile due to the uneven dye (which honestly I think gives the jumper more character). My husband knows me well and gave me the perfect gift to create something useful out of.

After much thought and looking at patterns, I decided that the wool was best knitted into a jumper for Olivia, as a warm winter jumper was high on the priority list for her. This pattern I had already bought and put aside, it was just waiting for me to get the right wool to make it.

You can find out more details about the jumper on my ravelry page

Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com Knitted Jumper | www. Mikaelabeth.com


A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

6 AM

As the sun begins to stream through the blinds in the bedroom I let my eyes gradually open. Generally around 6am although at the moment I am taking things slower and listening to my body and letting it sleep when it needs to.

I start my morning with a warm ginger and lemon tea which I then take back to bed to drink while I read a few chapters of a non fiction book. (I often go to my studio and do some work at this time too)

7 AM

A little voice appears from the next room, chatting away to her favourite soft toy friends that she took to bed with her (always bunny and roo and also whoever else was a favourite from the day before). She is often very happily practicing her words and enjoying her space till around 7:30.

I softly push open her door and poke my head around the corner waiting for her to notice me, she then has the biggest grin and jumps up and reaches out for me to lift her out of her cot.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com16-06-08_NIKON D7000_08-19-03-2

8 AM

We then venture into the kitchen and both have a cup of beef broth as it is simmering away in the slow cooker ready to strain and put in the fridge.

I mix up some Egg and zucchini fritters, which are a firm favourite and a regular breakfast for us at the moment. I fry them and we sit and eat them together.

After everything is processed and cleaned up in the kitchen I then jump in the shower after reading Olivia a story which she so sweetly asked me to read. We both get dressed.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

9 AM

I hang up the washing that I had put on earlier. Taking a moment to breath deep and appreciate the clear blue sky and beautiful day.

We then jump in the car and go to mums for morning tea and a play with the daycare children that will be there.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

10 AM

Walking up to mum’s front door, a big ‘Hello’ from Olivia while she patiently waits for someone to unlock it for her.


Time to finish playing, say goodbye and drive home.

12 PM

Cucumber, Tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado – an absolute favourite for lunch! We both sit and eat our simple meal before cleaning up and snuggling into bed for a sleep.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com

1 PM

This is my time to do some work, catch up on emails, edit photos, or whatever else is on the list to do for the day.

2 PM

I make myself a pot of herbal tea (Immune-Tea blend today) and sit quietly with my knitting, currently working on a little bunny for Olivia. Never being one to have a mid day nap, this has been my way of letting my body rest and put my feet up while I’m in the third trimester of this pregnancy.


Around this time I hear a little voice calling out, wanting to get up and play. We brush Olivia’s hair, making sure to put in her bow again! Then we head to the kitchen to have a mandarine for afternoon tea.

A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com A Day in the Life | www.MikaelaBeth.com4 PM

Desperately in need of some warm winter pyjamas, we jump in the car again and go to my sister’s place where I had left the fabric to cut out and use her sewing room. Once arriving we discovered I had the pattern at home and couldn’t do any sewing anyway…. never to worry, just had to have a coffee and sit and chat instead.

5 PM

Home to prep dinner and have a bath. Getting snug and warm ready for bed.

6 PM

We sit at the table and eat our dinner together.

7 PM

Bed Time for Olivia. We pop on her snuggle suit, have a drink and make sure her toys are ready for bed too. I put on the colourful diffuser with immune boost blend essential oils in it to help fight off the sniffles.

8 PM

I sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and a jumper I am currently knitting for Olivia, open my laptop and watch an episode of Downton Abbey on netflix before heading to bed myself at 9:30.


Short term goals

15-12-31_NIKON D7000_16-28-03 15-12-31_NIKON D7000_17-22-2615-12-27_NIKON D7000_16-44-06At the beginning of this year, Garth and I were chatting about various plans and goals for the year ahead, as I’m sure almost everyone else does too. We’ve decided to have a ‘no spend’ 3 months, still allowing us to buy the essentials but really thinking about what is a need and what is just a want (even if it’s a really really want it now), this will allow us to make some steps towards where we want to be financially.

This has meant I’ve been looking at all the things I have in my studio, some pretty, some useful, and some things that I should just get rid of… but also some unfinished projects that have been sitting on the shelf and need to be finished! it’s a win win – I’m completing projects that have been taking up space and I’m also not spending money on any new supplies.

I’m going to share with you a list of what I’m hoping to complete in the next 3 months:

1. Pin and quilt chooky quilt
2. Knit Olivias cardigan
3. Crotchet colourful balls
4. Sew outfit for Olivia
5. Sew dress for me
6. Stitch candle wicking quilt blocks
7. Complete diploma in Interior Design
8. Photograph pre-made jewellery to list for sale
9. Paint landscape with oil paints
10. Have my backlog of photos organised and key worded

This is making my heart beat a little faster as I’m writing this with the realisation that I’m now going to be accountable to you. Thank you for listening and I will share updates along the way.


Knitted Pixie Hat

Knitted Pixie Hat 1-1 Knitted Pixie Hat-3 Knitted Pixie Hat-4 Knitted Pixie Hat-5 Knitted Pixie Hat-1A few weeks back, when we were in the middle of winter, Olivia needed a warm beanie. After searching through ravelry and other patterns I found this one that I thought was just too adorable and had to make it for her.

It keeps her warm and snug, wrapping around her ears and tying at the front so she can’t just pull it off.

Find more details of the pattern and what I used here



Another Baby Kina

My latest project has just came off my knitting needles (I haven’t even got to block it yet!) This favourite cardigan will be perfect as the autumn weather arrives. The last two Baby Kina cardigans I have knitted are now far too short, ¾ sleeves and a midriff is just not acceptable! So a new one in a bigger size will be very welcome addition to Olivia’s wardrobe.

You can find all the details on my ravelry page here.

Knitted Baby Kina Jumper | www.mikaelabeth.com Knitted Baby Kina Jumper | www.mikaelabeth.com Knitted Baby Kina Jumper | www.mikaelabeth.com


Baby Kina Cardigan

Baby Kina Knitted Cardigan | www.blog.mikaelabeth.com Baby Kina Knitted Cardigan | www.blog.mikaelabeth.com Baby Kina Knitted Cardigan | www.blog.mikaelabeth.comAs the weather started to warm up and little summery outfits became the normal attire, I noticed Olivia’s wardrobe was missing an essential item, a little cotton cardigan to always have on hand to put on when it got a little cooler. I searched the shops but found nothing that my little girl just had to have. So I decided to get busy and knit her a ‘Baby Kina’ out of some super soft cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mill. You can find all the details and the pattern over on my ravelry page.

It has come with us wherever we go since I made it and is such a practical and cute cardigan for a sweet little girl.

It is so cute that I’ve already started a second one in pretty pink…