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Bunny Themed 1st Birthday Party


15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_14-38-15

Happy birthday Olivia! Today you are turning 2! You have grown up so much and learnt new things everyday since these photo’s were taken a year ago.

The day was perfect and full of birthday buzz, the food was delicious, everyone had smiles on their faces and most of all Olivia loved it (and we did too, the first birthday is for the parents isn’t it?) 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_14-40-12 Birthday collage 15-05-30_NIKON D7000_14-14-33-2 15-05-30_NIKON D7000_14-27-48-2 The menu included 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_15-44-11 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_14-38-54 15-05-30_NIKON D7000_14-24-17-2 15-05-30_NIKON D7000_14-15-28-2 15-05-30_NIKON D7000_14-28-41-2 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_14-39-21 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_16-56-31 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_16-25-50 Birthday collage 2 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_15-14-25 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_15-04-52 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_16-33-52 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_15-44-46 15-05-30_Canon EOS 650D_16-52-27



16-03-30_NIKON D7000_17-05-36“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

This blog of mine has been a bit neglected of late, sorry. But as it’s a goal I set myself to have a collection of Olivia’s portraits each week this year I am going to catch up on editing the photo’s I have taken and sharing them here so we can all enjoy them in this one space.


Olivia’s spring wardrobe

These past few weeks as the days are getting warmer and spring has arrived, I have been on the  hunt for some pretty and practical clothes to dress my little toddler in for this next season. Plus its New York Fashion Week so I thought why not share some of my favourite finds to celebrate.

It is rather funny, even if you think it will never happen, when you have a daughter it is much more delightful to shop for pretty little things for her to wear…and my own wardrobe is feeling rather neglected at the moment. But lets get back on track!

I have discovered this shop in Brisbane called Lacey Lane. They make these super cute vintage style clothes in beautiful fabrics. I’ve had to make a detour on the way home from dropping Garth at the airport a couple of times just to ooh and ahh over all the pretties they have in their shop.

Lacey Lane outfits
Photography credit: Lacey Lane

My other favourite find is Oishi-M. Funky and fun fabrics which will be perfect for Olivia to run and play in all day. I love the fact that they are designed to grow with the child so you can wear the same clothes for a couple of years.

Oishi-M OutiftsPhotography credit: Oishi-M



New Dress for Olivia

I want to share with you today a cute little outfit that I’ve made for Olivia.New Handmade DressThe main floral fabric is an Amy Butler design which mum had wrapped a present for me in many years ago … it has been sitting in the drawer, patiently waiting for the perfect project. Finally I knew it would look gorgeous in a cute little dress for Olivia. New Dress 11While choosing the fabrics to use, I wanted to bring in the coral hexagon fabric for the neckline trim to add some depth, but that on its own just wasn’t enough so I tossed around some ideas and decided to add some prairie points along the border too. New Dress 10New Dress 9New Dress 2It was a challenge to get any photo’s of the hat actually on Olivia’s head as she thinks it makes a far better chew toy at this stage… Lets hope once she grows and it fits her a little better she might prefer to wear it on her head?! New Dress 4New Dress 6New Dress 3New Dress 7New Dress 5New Dress 1